Need help with an international move? Hire a true professional!

“Hi, my name is Peter, and this is Monique. We’ve recently done an international move and had worked with Alex Saenger to find a house that we really love. We’ve got an international family. Alex has got an international background. He understood where we were coming from. Extremely professional. Well versed in the market. Gave us a lot of clues, tips and insights regarding what we were looking for. When we looked for houses, we had our last house done, and then we just said goodbye and 20 seconds later, Alex called us and said ‘Actually, there is another house on the street. Do you want to see it?’ and we said yup, we wanna see it. And that was basically it. We came up and it looked much better than the one we had seen before and we went in and it was just the house for us. So we were very happy that Alex went out of his way so that we could buy our house. He really knew what our needs were and what we wanted; and knew the market. So low and behold, we got what we were looking for and are very satisfied. So if you’re in the market for a place to call home, we strongly recommend you speak to Alex.”

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