Alex Helped Us Find The Perfect Neighborhood!


Hi, I’m Gina Lilivois, and I’m Alex Lilivois, and we were very happy to work with Alex Saenger. He helped us find a home and sell our home. We had to first decide where we wanted to find a home.

Alex helped us pinpoint a location that made both of us happy. Then we wanted to find the right home that we both had in mind. He made sure to find a home that we both liked, and he’s very patient. We both have some conflicting tastes. So if one of us had to work and the other one needed to go with Alex, Alex made sure to represent the person who was missing adequately. He made sure to bring up Alex’s likes and dislikes when he wasn’t there and mine when I couldn’t be there as well.

We found a home that we really love, and we’re really happy with it, and we’re moving in soon. We would highly recommend Alex to anyone who’s looking for a home in the metro DC Area. And he keeps telling us that he’s our realtor for life, but he doesn’t realize that he has us for life too. We’re happy to stay with him, and we do recommend Alex.

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